E-Mail to KARC members or Groups

The club now uses a Group Email service provided, at no cost, by Google. The service includes state of the art filters that protect members from SPAM. (details at Google verification rules). It is relatively easy to maintain. All club club officers have the tools to help keep our lists maintained.

Active members, those who have paid dues within the last two calendar years, can be sent email at their callsign@karc.net, e.g. kh6abc@karc.net.

The club maintains several email lists for club activities. Any club officer can add interested amateurs to the lists below and/or create new lists for a special project or area of interest. A recent example was the 2010 antenna tuner construction project for FD. You do not have to be a KARC member to particpate in any these activities.

The club maintains email lists for club activities. You may click on the link to email any of the groups listed. When the email opens up you will notice the address in the BCC section, there is a reason for it to be there to insure any responses are sent only to the sender and not the entire group unless the sender so desires. Thank you.


Club reflector for information of general interest that reaches all members of the club, normally about once or twice a month.


A list to reach club officers. This could be used to address items concerning the club that might not yet be of general interest to the club, e.g. potential speaker(s) at a future meeting.

Field Day

Amateurs planning the annual June FieldDay operation.

HI QSO Party

Amateurs planning the annual Hawaii QSO Party contest.

Antenna Tuner

Members supporting purchase of components and construction of high impedance antenna tuners for 2010 FD.

Swap Meet

Members planning the next KARC sponsored Swap Meet. (No members yet)