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The Koolau Amateur Radio Club
Membership Information
Oahu, Hawaii, USA

Join the exciting world of Amateur Radio . . .

Be a "Ham" Radio Operator. Our club members are your neighbors young and old from all over the island. Some speak into microphones, others "Pound Brass" (use Morse code), and even connect their computers for Digital Communications. They operate their stations, big and small, with equipment that sometimes resembles a small computer and calculator more than a radio. ISS (International Space Station) and orbiting satellites are regularly contacted from the islands. And some even bounce signals off the moon (EME - Earth-Moon-Earth) to communicate with others all over the world. You can make new friends a world or a neighborhood away, it is your choice. Please come to a meeting and learn more about this exciting, educational, and interesting hobby that serves our community.

KARC members serve the community by providing radio communications at public events like parades, fairs and expositions. These events and periodic drills keep the operators and their equipment ready for Floods, Hurricane, Earthquake, Search and Rescue, and Fire. Community service oriented Radio Amateurs provide their own equipment and receive no compensation other than the satisfaction of helping their community. Amateur Radio Stations are in homes, businesses, cars, trucks, RVs, Aircraft, Ships, and even a purse or briefcase. You can buy new or used equipment or build it yourself from a kit or construction article.

There are group classes from time to time and materials available for individual study to assist you in obtaining your own Amateur Radio License. All Radio Amateurs are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission. License tests are scheduled frequently on the island.

Our members comprise hundreds of years of experience. Someone at a radio club helped us all get started, find new or used equipment, put up our antennas and answered our questions. Let us help you get started. This assistance can be in person, on the phone or by e-mail.

KARC meets at the Visitor's Center of the Ho'omaluhia Park (Botanical Garden) in Kaneohe, at 9:30 AM on the 2nd Saturday of each month. There is parking in front of the Visitor's Center, near the meeting room.

For further information, contact -- Kimo, KH7U

Last Updated: April 27, 2015